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Who Are We, And What Do We Do?

Based The Common  Word Initiative,   World Interfaith  Harmony Week was first proposed to  the UN  
UN General Assembly on September 23, 2010 by H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan. Just under a month  
later, on October 20, 2010, it was unanimously adopted.                                                                        

World Interfaith Harmony Week seeks to bring together all people of good will, regardless of faith, to  
learn about each other and find ways to work together on common agendas.                                       

Our Toronto Steering Committee held its inaugural  meeting at the offices of the Catholic Diocese of   
Toronto on October 21 2012, Our first events were organized for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2013   

Our  third year  program was internationally recognized which is a testament to the vibrant interfaith  
community in the Greater Toronto Area. We are grateful for their continued support and participation.  

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We are committed to creating a world characterized by peace, social justice and a sustainable environment
by cooperating with efforts around the world to bring about interfaith cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

To create and widen awareness of World InterfaithHarmony Week within the GTA,
and to help plan, conceptualize, facilitate and co ordinate its events.

We respect all faiths and beliefs and peoples of goodwill, and believe there is great value
in knowing each other and working together.

               Our Team

  John B Voorpostel, CPA, CA, CMS
  Co Chair and Steering Committee Founder

  Rev Michelle Singh
  Interfaith Minister
  Co Chair

  Yasmin Ratansi L M.P.

  Member of Parliament for Don Valley East
  Steering Committee Founding Member

  Pastor Tuula van Gaasbeek
  St Philips Lutheran Church
  Steering Committee Founding Member

  Sid Ikeda
  Interfaith Champion
  Japanese Cultural Centre

  Vivian Kwok
  Paul McKenna
  Interfaith Resource & Champion
  Steering Committee Founding Member

  Father Damien McPherson 2012-2014
  Catholic Diocese of Toronto
  Steering Committee Founding Member

  Leslie Mezei

   Zahid Rafique
   Islamic Supreme Council of Canada 

  Tim Hackborn
  Metropolitan United Church

  Khadijah Kanji
  Noor Cultural Centre

  Jackie Kovacks
  Intercultural Dialogue Institute

  Pandit Suraj Persad
  University of Toronto

  Daniel Schild
  Darchei Noam Synagogue


                    Video Of Canadian
         House of Commons Recognition


In 2015, We Were Internationally Recognized For Our Program

Our Formal Recognition Was Accompanied By a Cash Prize In The Amount Of $5000 US
We Continue To Share That Prize By Providing Financial Aid To Event Hosts



In 2016, We Were Formally Recognized By Canada's House of Commons For Our Efforts



In 2016, Our Petition To Canadian Parliament To Officially Recognize
The UN Declaration In Canada Was Officially Read Into Hansard



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